Highlights from Social Power in Business: Age of Context a master class with Robert Scoble – Part 1

Last week I attended a master class with Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) and JP Rangaswami (@jobsworth), organised by Thomas Power (@thomaspower) and Liz Harwood .  It was based on Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s new book Age of Context.

The book highlights that businesses cannot afford to ignore technology changes, and those who do won’t survive the new world economy.

Below is the first instalment of my key take-aways from the insights shared at the first session.  There will be two other instalments relating to the two other sessions.

Master class with Robert Scoble – Top Tips for Building and Protecting Your Brand

Security (online) – of top importance – don’t get hacked!

  • Use two-factor authentication AND have a different password for each platform
  • RS does not use dictionary words for his passwords and he has a different 12 character p/w for each of his 800 platforms!

Mission – You Need to be one. To develop your mission answer the following

  • Where are you going?
  • What are you changing?
  • Where are you leading?

This is about signalling where you’re going and what change you’ll be making.

photo (2)

Story – Your Profile

  • What is your story?
  • How is it changing?

Being clear on your story will impact all of your future activities.

Need to push the story forward every day.

  • What is your company’s story?
  • Where is it going?

Scobleizer used the recent West Jet video to illustrate the importance of a story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIEIvi2MuEk

Signalling – over there…How can you signal your story?

  • Get help for your brand and yourself.
  • The world will help you get where you want to go.

Scale – getting your message out requires more than one (person / thing)

  • Use tools of scale.
  • Did you know the hashtag (#) is a tool of scale?

If you only have five minutes to do something, think about how to get scale out of that activity.

Don’t forget to scale your team as well.

Club – it’s not enough to be one person.

  • Think of building a club (or community)
  • Get 40 people talking about the same thing you’re talking about.

“Are you working to build a club? You should be!”

Measure – improvement

  • Only things that are measured are improved.
  • Data and analytics are critical to illustrate value to the organisation

Offensive and Defensive tactics required.

Offence – This is about,“how do you force people to tell a good story on your behalf?”

Example – Redbull

Employees are not allowed to wear the brand only ‘gods’ (top athletes, skydivers, etc.) to reinforce the brand.

Defence  – Listening

  • How do you listen to your marketplace?
  • How do you react?
  • How do you deal with crisis?

Filters – How are you filtering both inbound and outbound

  • Outbound: Be aware that your messages are being blocked.  To get through include an image in your Twitter post. Note: Twitter posts will be 25% more engaging if an image is included
  • Inbound: You need to think about your inbound information in a different way.  If you don’t, you’ll get overwhelmed by noise.

Have you filtered your friends on Facebook? Close friends vs acquaintances?

  • Doing this means you’ll see more about them.  What value will this add to you?  This is one way of building your club.

Build relationships with those you don’t really know before befriending them on social media.

Value and Relationships

All of the systems need to be connected, they need to speak with each other to collect information about people so that we can enhance our personal interactions.

  • Keep building and taking care of people. It takes time.
  • Pick a niche that is not well served and cover it.
  • When you do anything of interest there will be likers (fans) and haters. Stick with it and keep building your club. Consider that what WestJet recently did received some criticism.

Integrity and Authenticity

In all you do, be authentic and have integrity. They add value to your brand.

Authentic = You are what you appear to be.”

Don’t buy likes and followers.  This may kill your story. Those you buy will not interact with you.


Follow the hashtag #spib for the backchannel.


By @TracyGravesande

Photos: courtesy Tracy Gravesande


2 thoughts on “Highlights from Social Power in Business: Age of Context a master class with Robert Scoble – Part 1

  1. Pingback: Why will the Age of #Context decide what we do everyday? #kaizen /∞ | #KayMackGee

    • The Age of Context, as per the authors, is based on technologies working together an knowing much about us – where we’re from, where we are, who we’re with etc. This will lead to personalisation as a result of the context we’re in. These forces are changing our experiences and will continue to do so. Thus directly or indirectly they will decide what we do.

      Of course the detail can be found in the book.

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